Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Champion.

Cham.pi.on: n/  A person who has surpassed or defeated all rivals in a competition
De.feat: v/ Overcome or beat
O.ver.come: v/ Succeeded in dealing with
Suc.ceed: v/ Achieve for what one aims for
A.chieve: v/ Reach or attain by Effort, Skill, and Courage

So my question.. What is a Champion?  The first reaction to this phrase is a person who has defeated, overcame and succeeded above the rest.  But just as that champion, those he overcame put forth effort, had the skill and developed the courage to take on the challenge.  They are the champions I have respect for tonight.  

Champions.  We all have been on the top at some point in our lives and how great it is.  All the hard work seems to pay off and be worth it.  I am sure just as we have all felt that glory on our shoulders, we have all felt the discouragement of defeat.  The tears that come to our eyes as we ask ourselves, "Was there anything else I could have done?"  I want to remind you, that you are a champion.

I have been that champion.  The tears streaming down and hitting the floor as I walked to the locker room with my head down.  The champion that came in less then expected.  The champion that came in third even though my heart yearned for first.  I am a champion.  

Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up.  Every person, every champion has felt defeat.  But it is what we do with that defeat that determines the champion we really are.  This is the story of a girl who knows defeat.  A story of a girl who respects those forgotten champions.  The story of a girl who refuses to give up.  The girl who is a champion  For this is just a glimpse of what is to come.  The journey is to be enjoyed not endured. 

A champion.  What a journey it is.

This is the champion I have respect for tonight. As I watched this kid, I was reminded much of myself.  Though I didn't make a buzzer beater to get into the championship or average double digits, I felt defeat as I walked off the court.  He is a champion.  He put forth the effort, has mad skills, and had the courage to lead his team to a second place title after not being there for fourteen years.  What a journey and so much more to come for this kid!  
Colby Caldwell: A True Champion.

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